Saturday, May 21, 2011

FINALLY... back with some card creations!

Greetings! I'm finally back with some additional a muse studio samples, plus a mish-mash of card craftiness! We had lots of activity here with SAT  and AP exams, PROM and two boys returning from college. So... hopefully, there will be a bit more time spent in the crafting cave.

I taught a very small group of 10 year olds (my first ever attempt at teaching with my new a muse goodies!) and we made two cards, one for Morther's Day and one for Father's Day. I hope that I found the right balance for the girls....... cards that were not too challenging, do-able in 15-20 min. each and allowed them to show some of their personality in each card creation. For the first card I pre-stamped the shirt/tie and let them cut andcolor in any/all parts they desired. Some of the kids followed my expample exactly wihile others really went wild with color (and GLUE!).For the Morther's Day card I broke out all of the Primas and buttons that I've accumulated and just let them go crazy!

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